Why you should always take professional driving lessons before your test

Years ago, many people — especially those in country towns — didn't have the luxury of receiving driving lessons. These days, though, the added traffic flow and rule amendments means that it is now more important than ever to have a firm grasp on the road rules.

While having a parent, guardian, or older sibling can be useful for laying the groundwork, it is important to remember that driving tests are longer and more complex that they have ever been. Driving lessons will give students the experience they need to drive safely and comfortably. In addition, taking driving lessons enforces good habits, while driving instructors are specifically trained to help their students pick up on weaknesses.

Most driving instructor also know just about all the tricks in the book for any situation that could befall a driver; for example, performing easy reverse parallel parking or setting guidelines for how close your vehicle should be to the car in front of you at an intersection. A good rule of thumb in a standard sedan driver would be to leave enough space in front of your car to see the tyres of the car in front of you touching the road.

While driving lessons can cost a bit of money, it is a lifelong investment that will see you safely through decades of driving; in other words, don't put a dollar amount on your life (or the lives of people who you are responsible for). Besides making your future car journeys much safer, driving instructors can help simulate actual tests for you. Because tests can be expensive and require you waiting a long period before trying again, the importance of test simulations are paramount to improving your chances of success. Besides giving students pointers on where to improve, these simulated tests are a great way to practice going through the pressure of a driving test.

In Australia, tests will sometimes run up to 45 minutes, meaning you need to be very comfortable in a wide variety of situations. Driving lessons will teach you to run side checks and make extensive use of your mirrors. If you are using your own car, blind-spot mirrors are a huge benefit. At only just a few dollars each, they are potential life savers. Driving instructors can show you the proper technique for implementing them into your everyday driving. Driving lessons are a fundamental part of ensuring that you have a long and safe life driving cars.